Groundswork Solutions

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Additional Services

Small Excavations for Residential use

In need of some excavation but worried about having to deal with big heavy equipment tearing up your property? Give us a call, our experienced operators have the necessary skill to leave your yard looking even better than the way we found it.

Concrete placement

Decorative Concrete

If your looking for that new, up-in-coming look that will make your neighbours jealous, concrete is the solution. Anything from stamped or stenciled patios, garden edge trimming, fire pits, walkways and even your driveway! If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Eavestrough Cleaning & Repair Image

Eavestrough Cleaning & Repair

Tired of those leaf packed leaking gutters? Give us a call, we can clean and fix that right up for you. Available as a stand alone purchase or can be added to any service package at a discounted rate.

Foundation Parging & Minor Crack Repair

Foundation Parging & Minor crack repair

Minor cracks and worn out foundation parging are not only an eyesore, but a possible start to what could be a very costly foundation failure. It is extremely important to maintain your homes foundation, as your home could quite possibly be your largest investment. Not only that, its where you sleep. Nobody wants to wake up, walk down to your basement and be surprised by an intrusion of water. Take care of the problem before it starts and give us a call!

Weeping Tile Placement Image
Weeping Tile Installation

A key component to your homes well-being is the proper distribution of exterior water build up surrounding the lower foundation of your home. If you don't get rid of the water before it reaches your home, you could be looking at a costly clean-up. Give us a call for an estimate, we would be happy to help.

Junk Removal & Disposal

Is your house, property or garage overwhelmed with old useless junk? We can load it all up and take it to the dispose of it properly. As an environmentally conscientious company, we strive to avoid unnecessary dumping at our local landfills and strive to recycle as much of the junk we collect as possible.  We also donate all reusable household items to our local Restore. 

Pressure Washing Various

Pressure washing (Water not included)

Most homeowners do not realize the amount of build-up that accumulates on items such as siding, walkways, driveways, decks and even exterior windows. With our high pressured washers, we can easily renew the look of your home in no time!

Parking Lot Cleaning Image
Commercial Parking Lot Clean up

In need of a good cleaning? Let us renew your parking lots appearance, giving your business the attractive perspective that all consumers are looking for.

Raised Garden Bed Image

Retaining Walls & Raised Garden Beds

Looking for ways to make your yard more appealing? Is part of your lot unusable due to the natural sloping of your yard?.  Try adding a raised garden bed, or spruce up an uneven area of your yard with a decorative retaining wall.

Snow & Ice Removal Image

Snow Removal

Now available for the 2014/2015 Season! 

Get your residential or commercial driveway, walkway, or any additional areas plowed at your convenience. Whether you are looking for seasonal pricing or would like to call us when needed, we are available to meet your snow removal needs when you need it most. Have you run of of room to place snow? We can haul it away and give you back the space you need.