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Sod Placement and Removal

Are you in need of a new lawn? 

-We can take care of that for you by laying new healthy, nutrient enriched sod. Locally supplied, supporting existing businesses within our own community!

Is your current lawn looking tired and beat up, and you've lost all hope in reviving it to its healthy state?

-We can remove your old worn out lawn and replace it with new healthy, nutrient enriched sod. Locally supplied, supporting existing businesses within our own community! 

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Garden Design & Maintenance

Need a fresh look to your yard, give us a call and we will work to develop a budget friendly look to your satisfaction!

Tree Cutting, trimming and pruning

Tree cutting, Trimming & Pruning

In need of removing a stubborn tree? In fear of a large tree potentially damaging your home? Or do you just need some growth maintenance taken care of. We can help!

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Hedge Planting & Maintenance

Whether your adding hedges to your property or in need of some trimming, keeping your hedges clean cut adds to your homes curb appeal, and shows pride in homeownership.  Available as a stand alone service or within one of our Lawn Maintenance packages.

Topsoil Placement Image

Topsoil Placement

Not getting the results you're looking for when planting new lawn seed. It is quite possible that your soil might not contain the proper nutrients or pH balance that grass depends on to grow. Let us help by placing and providing you with the quality topsoil you need

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Aeration (Core & Spike)

Aeration plays a key role in maintaining the environment in which your lawn needs to live and grow. It gives your lawn the proper supply of air, water and nutrients required to sustain a healthy natural growth cycle. Assessing your soil type will determine the frequency of aeration applications.  Aeration is available in one of our packages or as a stand alone service.

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Thatch Removal

Each year your lawn produces a tightly interwoven layer of thatch that tends to suffocate your lawn. This layer of organic material usually consists of dead stems, leaves and other organic debris. Unless maintained properly this layer will block the circulation of air, water and nutrients that your lawn requires to survive. This service is essential in maintaining a healthy environment for your lawn to grow. This service is also available in one of our lawn maintenance packages or as a stand alone service.

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Overseeding & Fertilizing

Over time, lawns that have not been overseeded and fertilized will grow thin and unhealthy. To preserve your lawn's health and appearance, it is essential to provide it with the nutrients it requires to thrive. Overseeding your lawn annually, in combination with bi-annual fertilizing will allow your lawn to stay healthy and deliver that crisp lush look. Let us rejuvenate your lawns health, and improve your homes curb appeal with a beautiful, lush healthy lawn.

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Leaf Clean up & Removal

Each and every year mother nature ravages our yards, leaving behind an abundance of leaves and branches that need to be cleaned up in order to allow our yards to flourish. Let us include this service in one of our customized packages just for you.

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Yard Clean up & Remediation

Mother Nature's excessive debris, in combination with accumulated clutter and trash, can leave your yard in a dire need of some remediation. If your yard is in need of a good cleanup don't hesitate to give us a call. We have the means to sort through the mess and dispose of all items properly, and as environmentally cautious as possible. As a company, we are dedicated to keeping our environment clean.

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Cutting, Trimming, Edging & Tilling

Maintaining your home or business's property can be a lot of work. Especially when your schedule does not permit you to have any time to spare to do so. Let us take that burden away from you with one of our affordable seasonal lawn maintenance packages.  Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for all your outdoor needs.